Colleton County Fire-Rescue

May 2018

31/May/2018 – MVC with Air Evac – “B” Shift

Two people were injured in a single car MVC in the 1200 block of Peniel Road Thursday evening 31-May at 19:38. The small pickup truck lost control in a curve, left the roadway and struck a tree. Responding units found the truck on its side in the middle of Peniel Road. Firefighter-Paramedics treated two patients at the scene. One was transported directly to the helipad at Colleton Medical Center to meet with the C.A.R.E. Flight helicopter. Click here for more information.

31/May/2018 – MVC with Fire – “A” Shift

A Connecticut truck driver was critically injured in a single vehicle high speed MVC Thursday morning 31-May at 04:40. The northbound tractor trailer left Interstate 95 near the 43 mile marker and entered the median. The truck struck several trees destroying the cab. After the impact the truck burst into flames which quickly engulfed the wreckage. The driver was able to exit the mangled cab and collapsed a few yards from the crash. Several passing motorists stopped and they found the driver on the ground with his clothes on fire. Click here for more information.

29/May/2018 – Car vs Tree MVC – “C” Shift 

A single car MVC sent a young woman to the Trauma Center Tuesday afternoon 29-May. At 17:25, 9-1-1 received several reports of the accident. The small car was traveling northbound in the 16000 block of Round O Road when it left the roadway and struck several large trees. The car received heavy damage in the collision and the adult female driver suffered multiple traumatic injuries. Click here for more information.

29/May/2018 – Semi-Truck Fire – “C” Shift

A load of cargo was damaged by a fire in the rear of a semi-truck Tuesday afternoon 29-May at 14:42. The truck driver noticed smoke coming from the trailer and pulled off of I-95 at Exit 62 to McLeod Road. The driver notified 9-1-1 and disconnected the trailer from the truck. Engine 26 arrived a short time later to find heavy smoke coming from the trailer. Firefighters deployed one 1-3/4 handline and entered the rear of the trailer. The fire had burned several pallets of the cargo. Click here for more information.

29/May/2018 - Structure Fire – “C” Shift

An alert neighbor discovered smoke coming from a residence in the 800 block of Norris Drive Tuesday morning 29-May at 11:46. Engine 4 arrived within minutes and found light smoke coming from the singlewide mobile home. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed one 1-3/4 handline and forced entry through the front door. Crews found the sofa burning and quickly extinguished the fire. When the sofa was moved, firefighters found the wall was also on fire. Crews removed paneling and pulled a portion of the ceiling to check for extension of the fire. Click here for more information.

26/May/2018 – Double Shooting Incident – “B” Shift

Two adult males were injured in a shooting incident Saturday morning 26-May at the corner of Hendersonville Hwy (US Hwy 17-A) and Jonesville Ave. At 06:50 Colleton 9-1-1 was notified of shots fired in the area and shortly there after a caller reported an individual lying in the street. Before units arrived, 9-1-1 received another report of a second person lying in the street. An additional Fire-Rescue ambulance was assigned to the incident. Click here for more information.

24/May/2018 – Carolina Children’s Charity Dinner

The Carolina Children’s Charity provided dinner for Colleton County Firefighters for reaching the second highest collections this year. Shannon Wilson and Marci-jo Mishoe with the Charity supplied and prepared the meal. They brought it to Station # 19. Two families who are recipients of the Charity also attended the dinner to personally thank firefighters for their efforts collecting the funds.  Colleton Firefighters collected funds at several local businesses in March and conducted a Softball tournament with other area fire departments. Click here for more information.
23/May/2018 - Colleton Medical Center and their staff provided a full course luncheon in honor of Pre-hospital Emergency Medical providers in conjunction with National EMS Week, Wednesday 23-May. Fire-Rescue, C.A.R.E. Flight, surrounding county EMS Departments, several private ambulance providers, Hospital Staff and Doctors attended. The Hospital Emergency Department Director, Amy Riesner, coordinated the event which was held near the Emergency Department Ambulance entrance. The meal was prepared by the Hospital’s Chef. All on-duty crews were rotated to the ED so everyone could enjoy the meal. CMC CEO Jimmy Hiott also attended. Click here for more information.
5/22/2018- Colleton Medical Center will be providing lunch to all Fire-Rescue personnel in recognition of EMS Week. Lunch will be provided Wednesday, 23-May between 11:00 and 13:00. A tent has been set up at the ambulance ramp parking area. All personnel are invited. Additionally, the Carolina Children’s Charity will be providing supper for Fire-Rescue personnel at Station # 19 beginning at 18:00 on the same day. Several Colleton families who have been recipients of the funds our Firefighters have collected will be on hand to thank Firefighters for their efforts. All personnel are invited to attend.

22/May/2018 – High Speed MVC – “A” Shift

9-1-1 was notified of a person walking on Interstate 95 covered in blood Tuesday morning 22-May. A State Trooper located the man around the 56 mile marker and requested Fire-Rescue to respond at 03:56. The man advised the Trooper that he had been involved in an auto accident and a woman was unconscious. He was walking to an exit to get help. The Trooper drove with the man north on I-95 in search of the accident. He found the car in the wooded median at the 55 mile marker on the southbound side of the highway. Click here for more information.

21/May/2018 – MVC with Entrapment – “A” Shift

Three adult females were trapped in a Chevrolet Suburban that lost control on I-95 near the 57 mile marker northbound Monday afternoon 21-May at 14:39. The SUV left the roadway during a thunderstorm, spun backwards and entered the wooded median striking several trees before overturning. Firefighter-Paramedics found the SUV lying on the passenger’s side with moderate damage. Crews used a chain saw to cut away brush to gain access the vehicle. Click here for more information.

21/May/2018 – EOC Training – “A” Shift 

Fire-Rescue personnel conducted one of two EOC Orientation training sessions for personnel involved in staffing the EOC during emergencies. Personnel from municipalities, the School District, Colleton Medical Center, SCDOT, DSS, DHEC, County Roads and Bridges, the Assessor’s Office and the State EMD attended. The functions in the EOC have been rearranged and new equipment added. Participants were introduced to the Incident Management Teams and ICS forms were reviewed. Click here for more information.

19-May-2018 – Snake Bite – “B” Shift 

A 28 year old Anderson man is in critical condition after being bitten twice by a rattlesnake Saturday morning 19-May. The man and some companions were kayaking on the Edisto River when the snake dropped from a tree. The man was struck twice on the hand. They were able to capture the snake and made it to a landing at the end of Bobcat Lane  to call 9-1-1. Medic 26 arrived about 12 minutes later and began treating the man. Colleton Medical Center was contact and had anti-venom available. Click here for more information.

19/May/2018 – Truck vs ATV MVC – “B” Shift

Two young adults were transported to a Trauma Center Saturday morning 19-May following a collision between a pickup truck and an ATV at the intersection of Round O Road and Wesley Grove Road. The accident was reported at 11:50. The two occupants of the ATV were ejected from the ATV. The male patient was found in the roadway and the female was thrown approximately 50 feet into a yard. Both patients received multiple traumatic injuries. Click here for more information.

16/May/2018 – Fall with Air Evac – “B” Shift

An adult male received a possible head injury after falling from a ladder at his residence on Three Mile Road Wednesday afternoon 16-May at 14:52. The man had an altered level of consciousness and other traumatic injuries. Firefighter-Paramedics on Medic 26 treated the man at the scene and placed the C.A.R.E. Flight helicopter on standby. The man was immobilized and transported to the helipad at Colleton Medical Center. His condition deteriorated enroute the helicopter. Click here for more information.

5/14/2018 - Congratulations to Battalion Chief Brent Dalton for obtaining his Divemaster certification. Chief Dalton oversees Fire-Rescue’s Dive, Water Rescue and Recovery Team.

13/May/2018 – Structure Fire – “B” Shift

A singlewide mobile home and work shed were heavily damaged in an afternoon fire at 800 Poplar Street Sunday 13-May. At 17:48, some children noticed flames coming from the building and told an adult to call 9-1-1. A passing motorist also called in the fire. Engine 19 arrived to find the two buildings well involved, with approximately half of the mobile home already collapsed. Firefighters used the deck gun on Engine 19 to knock down the bulk of the fire, before deploying multiple handlines to the buildings. Engine 1 set up south of Engine 19 and deployed several handlines to the back of the structures. Click here for more information.
12/May/2018 – Motor Vehicle Collision - "A" Shift

An adult male received multiple traumatic injuries in a single vehicle, motorcycle MVC in the 5000 block of Sidneys Road Saturday afternoon 12-May at 20:04. The southbound Harley Davidson motorcycle left the roadway in a curve, entered the ditch and began to flip over several times, ejecting the driver. The motorcycle landed in the roadway and the driver was found unconscious in the ditch by a passing motorist. Firefighter-Paramedics arrived minutes later to find the man still unconscious. Click here for more information.

12/May/2018 – Fatal Structure Fire – “A” Shift

A Walterboro man lost his life in an afternoon fire at his residence in the 200 block of Teakwood Drive Saturday 12-May.  At 18:37, an alert neighbor discovered the fire in the home which sat well off the road and was not visible from Teakwood Drive. The neighbor reported that she was in her yard and kept smelling smoke. She went to investigate and saw smoke and flames coming from the two story house next door. She reported the fire to 9-1-1, then met Firefighters when they arrived. Click here for more information.

12/May/2018 – Structure Fire – “A” Shift

A fire in the utility room caused damage to a residence at 29 Wexford Way Saturday afternoon 12-May. 9-1-1 received the report of the fire at 16:50. Engine 1 arrived three minutes later to find smoke coming from the two story residential structure. Crews deployed one handline and quickly extinguished the fire, which was contained to the utility room. The homeowner had used a pitcher to throw water on the fire. He was able to knock down some of the fire and kept it from spreading. Click here for more information.
5/9/2018 - Congratulations for Firefighter/Flight-Paramedics Jordan Eaddy and Joslyn Merideth on passing their FP-C exams and obtaining their Flight Paramedic Certifications.

09/May/2018 – High Speed MVC – “A” Shift

A truck driver is fortunate to be alive after a single vehicle, high speed MVC on Interstate 95 near the 40 mile marker northbound. The accident occurred Wednesday evening at 20:03 after the northbound semi suffered a front tire blowout causing the truck to lose control and leave the roadway. The truck drove down an embankment into the swamp near the Combahee River. The vehicle struck several trees destroying the cab, which was completely dislodged from the frame and over turned. Click here for more information.

09/May/2018 – Structure & Woods Fire – “A” Shift

Firefighters saved a garage and several antique cars in an afternoon fire in the 3000 block of Bells Hwy. Wednesday afternoon 09-May. At 17:31, an off-duty Firefighter-Paramedic was traveling Bells Hwy to Wal-Mart when he noticed a column of black smoke west of the Shopping Center. He went to investigate and found a detached garage and a vehicle on fire, along with approximately one acre of woods. He called in the fire over the radio. Engine 26 arrived and deployed three handlines. Firefighters knocked down the fire on the exterior of the garage and the nearby Cadillac that was fully involved. Click here for more information.

08/May/2018 – MCI School Bus Accident – “B” Shift

Twenty people received non-life threatening injuries after a SUV collided with the rear of a school bus on Cottageville Hwy. (US Hwy 17-A) at the intersection of Burr Hill Road Tuesday morning 08-May at 07:29. The SUV received heavy damage in the collision. Two occupants of the SUV and two people from the school bus were transported by Fire-Rescue Ambulances to Colleton Medical Center. The remainder of the patients were ambulatory and were treated at the scene. Click here for more information.

05/May/2018 – High Speed MVC – “C” Shift

An adult male passenger suffered multiple, non-life threatening traumatic injuries following a high speed, single vehicle MVC in the 2000 block of Ritter Road Saturday morning 05-May. At 10:18 an off-duty Firefighter-Paramedic was returning home after his shift and drove up on the accident shortly after it occurred. He radioed in the report and began treating the injured people. The west bound Chevrolet Pickup Truck had left the road and struck a large pine tree causing heavy damage to the truck. Click here for more information.

04/May/2018 – MVC with Air Evac – “B” Shift

An adult male was injured after his ATV crashed in the woods off of Miracle Drive Friday evening 04-May at 22:14. The caller to 9-1-1 reported the ATV landed on top of the man. Another ATV met responders at the head of a dirt path off of Miracle Road and transported a Firefighter-Paramedic to the patient. The ambulance was unable to drive into the woods. The patient was initially reported to be unconscious but was conscious when crews reached him. Click here for more information.

04/May/2018 – MVC with Entrapment – “B” Shift

An adult male was entrapped in his small pickup truck following a single vehicle collision in the 6800 block of Sidneys Road, just south of Round O Road. The southbound truck failed to negotiate a curve, entered the ditch and struck the embankment. The truck flipped over several times before coming to rest on the passenger’s side. Callers to 9-1-1 reported the driver was unconscious and trapped in the vehicle. Medic 19 arrived to find the pickup truck on the southbound shoulder with heavy damage. Click here for more information.

04/May/2018 – High Speed MVC – “B” Shift

Three people were injured in a two car MVC at the intersection of Augusta Hwy (SC Hwy 61) and Jefferies Hwy (US Hwy 15) Friday afternoon 04-May. At 17:28, the two cars collided in the intersection causing a Toyota Prius to overturn. Both occupants of the Prius were trapped in the wreckage and the adult female patient was unconscious. The driver of the other vehicle suffered non-life threatening injuries. Engine 5, stationed one block away, arrived about two minutes later. Click here for more information.

04/May/2018 – Structure Fire – “B” shift

Firefighters saved a home at 315 Enterprise Street Friday morning 04-May. At 08:27, 9-1-1 received a report that the home was on fire and the caller could see flames coming from a window and a car was in the yard. Engine 19 arrived to find the single story residential dwelling with heavy smoke visible and flames on the Delta side and in the attic. Crews forced entry through the front door and deployed two 1-3/4 handlines to the interior of the building. Click here for more information.

03/May/2018 – Structure Fire – “A” Shift

A single story residential structure was heavily damaged in a noon day fire Thursday 03-May at 11:50. Fire-Rescue units arrived minutes later to find the home well involved with flames coming from the front windows and back door. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed two handlines to the building and quickly knocked down the flames. The occupant advised he was in the back yard when he heard a window break. When he came around to the front of the house, he saw flames coming out of the front window. Click here for more information.

01/May/2018 – Three Vehicle MVC – “B” Shift 

Two people were transported to Colleton Medical Center following a three vehicle, head-on collision in the 1100 block of South Jefferies Blvd Tuesday afternoon 01-May at 17:09. Car 116 (Paramedic QRV) drove up on the accident shortly after it occurred. Two vehicles received heavy damage. Both south bound lanes and one north bound lane of South Jefferies Blvd was blocked, causing traffic to back up in both directions. The accident occurred on one of the bridges through the Great Swamp hampering the only north-south road through town. Car 116 requested two ambulances. Click here for more information.
5/1/2018 - Colleton County Fire-Rescue's Emergency Management Division will be conducting training for anyone interested in joining the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  The training will be held on June 5, 7, 12, 14 (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) and June 16 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm).  CERT consists of volunteer personnel that are trained in disaster preparedness and basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.  Through CERT, Colleton County Fire-Rescue's capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters is enhanced.  To volunteer for CERT and register for the training, please contact the Emergency Management Division at (843) 549-5632.

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