Colleton County Fire-Rescue


05/May/2018 High Speed MVC C Shift

Incident # 18-03181 An adult male passenger suffered multiple, non-life threatening traumatic injuries following a high speed, single vehicle MVC in the 2000 block of Ritter Road Saturday morning 05-May. At 10:18 an off-duty Firefighter-Paramedic was returning home after his shift and drove up on the accident shortly after it occurred. He radioed in the report and began treating the injured people. The west bound Chevrolet Pickup Truck had left the road and struck a large pine tree causing heavy damage to the truck. The passenger side of the truck was ripped off by the collision. The roadway was littered with debris and hundreds of nails. The male patient was transported to Colleton Medical Center for further treatment. The female driver was transported for evaluation. The portion of Ritter Road was closed to traffic until recovery crews could clear the highway of debris and nails. The SC Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Medic 6, Battalion 1 and Car 112 responded. Firefighter-Paramedic Tony Keen served as Incident Commander.