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10/6/2015- Edisto River Update
If you live in a low lying area close to the Edisto River, you are in danger and should consider evacuating now.  You could be inaccessible to Fire-Rescue for more than a week.  If you have a fire or medical emergency, it could take a significant amount of time for emergency services to reach you.  We have already experienced a medical emergency with a patient that could not be reached by ambulance.  Your safety is important to us.  Please consider leaving now before the waters crest and remain dangerously high for weeks.

According to the National Weather Service hydrologists' predictions, the Edisto River will crest around the 10th or 11th at 16.4 feet (but could be slightly higher or lower).  The crest will remain at 16.4 feet until the 13th or 14th at Givhans Landing (where the gauge is) and it could be that high (or higher) south of the gauge until the 15th or 16th.  A one foot rise in water represents a 60% increase in flow.  It is not anticipated that the gauge will be below 10 feet (flood stage) until sometime between the 21st and 23rd.  The areas south of the gauge could be a day or two after the 23rdThis prediction is also based on us receiving no new precipitation through the 23rd.

10/4/2015-  All Colleton County Residents:  The accumulation of rain over the last several days will be compounded by the water runoff from higher elevations that have also received historic amounts of rain .  If you live in a low lying area, an area close to a river, stream, or creek, or an area prone to flooding, you should consider evacuating now.  As of this afternoon at 1:00 pm, the Edisto River was at a height of 8.17 feet.  Flood stage is at 10.0 feet.  The Edisto River will be above flood stage shortly after 1:00 am tomorrow (Monday) morning, in less than 12 hours.  The National Weather Service (click here) projects that the river could crest at 16 feet by Wednesday afternoon.  This level, six feet above flood stage, represents a potentially life threatening level.  Fire-Rescue and Sheriff’s Office personnel may have a very difficult time reaching you in the aforementioned areas during this time if you experience an emergency.  If you live along any of the rivers or creeks in Colleton County and are already experiencing mild to moderate flooding, it is likely to get much worse over the next 1 to 5 days.  You should consider evacuating now, while it is still safe to do so.
If you are in a safe area, please remain at home as some of the roads in Colleton County are unsafe.  Should you have to travel, do not cross roads that are covered with water.  Turn around, don’t drown.
For non-emergency issues or questions, contact the Sheriff’s office at 843-549-2211.  As always, if you experience an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Fire-Rescue will be administering flu shots for volunteer and career personnel at Headquarters on Monday, October 5th and Tuesday, October 6th from 17:30 to 18:30.  The vaccine is free of charge and offered on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.
Colleton County Fire-Rescue is hosting a class called Emerging Leaders on October 11th, 2015 at Station 19.  The target audience is upcoming officers and leaders of all volunteer or small combination fire departments in the age bracket of 18-28.  However, all fire service members are welcome to attend.  To register, please click on the link provided or copy and paste into your URL:  http://scfirefighters.org/2015/08/emerging-leaders-one-day-regional-seminars/

21/Sept/2015 – Auto vs Pedestrian w/Air Evac – “C” Shift

A 55 year old North Carolina man was in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle on Bells Hwy at the intersection of Mount Carmel Road Monday evening 21-September at 21:14. Witnesses reported the truck was traveling the speed limit of 45 mph when the man walked into the path of the moving vehicle. He was thrown into the air and struck a second vehicle that was stopped at the intersection. Click here for more information.

19/Sept/2015 – Volunteer Fair

Colleton County Fire-Rescue participated in the Leadership Colleton Volunteer Fair in the City Parking lot Saturday 19-September. The 2015 Leadership Class held the Fair as their class project to bring awareness to the many local agencies who need volunteers. The Fair ran from 08:00 to noon. Battalion Chief Scott Feather and Missy Feather staffed the Fire-Rescue booth all morning, displaying some equipment and answering questions about volunteer firefighters. Click here for more information.

19/Sept/2015 – MVC with Entrapment – “C” Shift

A 19 year old Georgia woman received multiple traumatic injuries in a high speed crash on I-95 near the 57 mile marker southbound Saturday morning 19-September at 01:33. Apparently the southbound small Chrysler car collided with a southbound tractor trailer after passing the Bells Hwy overpass. The car lost control, skidded sideways and flipped over at least once as it rolled down an embankment into the tree line. Click here for more information.
Colleton County Fire-Rescue is once again honored to be hosting the National Fallen Firefighters Candlelight and Memorial Service Weekend coverage on our website.  The Candlelight Service will be held on Saturday, October 3rd from 1800 to 1930.  The Memorial Service will be held on Sunday from 0930 to 12:00.  Click here to view the broadcast.

13/Sept/2015 – Two Alarm Structure Fire w Mutual Aid – “C” Shift 

A 125 year old Lodge residence was destroyed in an early morning fire Sunday morning 13-Sept. 9-1-1 Operators began receiving calls about the fire at 00:49 reporting large amounts of smoke coming from the home. Engine 23 arrived a short time later to find heavy black smoke coming from the eaves on all sides of the structure. Firefighters found fire coming from windows at the rear of the building and deployed handlines to the back of the residence. Click here for more information.

11/Sept/2015 – Fatal MVC with Ejection – “B” Shift

A Colleton County man died of injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident in the 3800 block of Sidneys Road Friday evening 11-Sept. At 19:09 Fire-Rescue was notified of a car that struck a tree just north of Danville Lane. The caller advised the driver had been ejected and was laying in the roadway. Firefighter-Paramedics arrived to find the car with major damage blocking the northbound lane and the occupant in the southbound lane. Click here for more information.

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