Colleton County Fire-Rescue

June 2022

26/June/2022 - Shooting Incident - "C" Shift

A 12 year old child received a life threatening gunshot wound in a driveby shooting in the 700 block of Red Root Road, Sunday morning 26-June at 02:00. Unknown subjects shot up the residence and a vehicle at the location. Several bullets penetrated the doublewide mobile home with one round striking the 12 year old female in the leg. She was inside the residence. The bullet caused a severe injury and suspected fracture to the child's leg. Sheriff's Deputies arrived quickly and cleared the scene. One Deputy applied a tourniquet to the child's leg to stop the severe bleeding. Click here for additional information.
26/June/2022 - MVC with Entrapment & Air Evac - "C" Shift

Two vehicles collided head-on in the 800 block of Cottageville Hwy Sunday morning 26-June at 00:27. A northbound Ford pickup truck crossed into the south bound lane and struck a Nissan Maxima head-on. Both vehicles received heavy damage. The Nissan was thrown into the southbound ditch, trapping the female driver. The Ford overturned blocking both lanes of Cottageville Hwy. The driver of the Ford received non-life threatening injuries. The female driver of the Nissan received multiple traumatic injuries. Click here for additional information.
25/June/2022 - Structure Fire - "C Shift

Firefighter-Paramedics saved a double wide mobile home Saturday afternoon 25-June at 16:17. Callers to 9-1-1 reported smoke coming from the residence in the 100 block of Kronman Ct. The home was occupied and in the process of being renovated. Construction workers accidentally cut into an electrical wire while installing a large window. They used a water hose to attempt to contain the fire, but the flames had spread into the attic area, extending across the living room. Engine 19 arrived to find smoke coming from the eaves on all sides of the double wide mobile home. Click here for additional information.
25/June/2022 - Edisto River Drowning Incident - "C" Shift

Colleton Fire-Rescue Divers responded as a mutual aid request from Dorchester County units to a sandbar on the Edisto River north of Jelicos Landing Saturday afternoon 26-June at 13:47. Dorchester County Fire-Rescue and SCDNR units were already on the scene searching for a missing adult male. Visibility in the black water river was nearly zero. Colleton launched three boats, one from Long Creek Landing and two from Jelicos Landing. Divers searched the area for approximately 1-1/2 hours before locating the man's body. He was turned over to Dorchester Authorities. Click here for additional information.
24/June/2022 - Fatal Motorcycle MVC - "B" Shift

Incident # 22-04894 - An adult male died from multiple injuries he received when his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of Peirce Rd and Brocktown Rd north of the Town of Cottageville Friday evening 24-June at 18:57. Fire-Rescue units arrived several minutes later and found the man in the roadway with no signs of life. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured. The Colleton County Coroner's Office responded to the scene and transported the man. The SC Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. Click here for additional information.
23/June/2022 - MVC with Entrapment - "A" Shift

A 70 yr old Florida woman received multiple, non-life threatening injuries when her car overturned on I-95 near the 55 mile marker northbound, Thursday afternoon 23-June at 17:14. Engine 1 arrived to find the passenger car overturned in the trees in the median. Bystanders were assisting the woman, including a Marine Sgt who was inside the car rendering aid. Firefighter-Paramedics used a Glassmaster Tool to remove the windshield and extricate the woman. She was transported by Fire-Rescue Medic 1 to Colleton Medical Center. Click here for additional information.
22/June/2022 - Structure Fires - A and B Shifts

Three mobile homes were destroyed on property at the corner of Smoak Road and Our Dream Lane Wednesday morning 22-June. At 07:45, 9-1-1 received a report of a mobile home on fire endangering a school bus in the 1900 block of Smoak Rd. Engine 19 arrived to find  three vacant singlewide mobile homes well involved with an approximately 1/2 acre woods fire. Firefighters deployed three handlines from Engine 19 to combat the fires from Smoak Road. Engine 1 set up on Our Dream Lane deploying two handlines. Firefighter-Paramedics had the fire knocked down within thirty minutes. Click here for additional information.
21/June/2022 - Shed Fire with Puppy Rescue

A yard trash fire spread to a large wooden storage building Tuesday afternoon 21-June. At 17:22, Fire-Rescue was dispatched to 238 Campbell Hill Rd in Jacksonboro for a report of an out of control yard fire. While enroute, a second caller reported the storage building was on fire. Engine 2 arrived to find the storage building well involved. They deployed two handlines to control the yard fire and the building fire. While firefighters were working to extinguish the fire, they heard a loud whining noise coming from the storage building. Upon investigation they found seven puppies under the burning building and rescued the pups. Firefighter-Paramedics moved the puppies to Fire-Rescue Medic 6 and began treating them for smoke inhalation. Click here for additional information.
19/June/2022 - Structure Fire - "C" Shift

Quick action by a homeowner helped save his residence during an afternoon structure fire Sunday 19-June. At 15:59, 9-1-1 received a report of a residential structure fire in the 100 block of Short Ln. Firefighter-Paramedics arrived to find smoke coming from the singlewide mobile home. Crews entered the structure through the rear door with one handline and quickly knocked down the remaining fire, containing it to the bedroom. The homeowner had used a garden hose and sprayed water through the window keeping the flames down until Fire-Rescue arrived. Click here for additional information.
19/June/2022 - Fatal Shooting Incident - "B" Shift

Two men were killed and a third man and a woman were injured in a shooting incident at the Hang Time Nightclub at 1109 Rivers Street Sunday morning 19-June. At 02:39, 9-1-1 received a report of shots fired at the location with multiple victims. Sheriff's Deputies arrived quickly and secured the scene. They located two critically injured patients in the parking lot. Firefighter-Paramedics treated both patients at the scene and quickly transported both to Colleton Medical Center. Due to the extent of their injuries they were transported to the closest hospital to be stabilized, however both patients succumbed to their injuries. Click here for additional information.
18/June/2022 - MVC with Air Evac - "B" Shift

Two men were injured after their car failed to negotiate a curve, overturned and struck a house in the 4100 block of Moselle Road north of Islandton, Saturday evening 18-June at 22:44. The reported passenger was ejected from the car and suffered multiple traumatic injuries. A medical helicopter was requested. The driver was able to self extricate from the car and was found a few hundred feet from the car. The incident began when a caller to 9-1-1 reported someone was attempting to break into a building on his property. The man reportedly blocked in the subjects. Click here for additional information.
18/June/2022 - MVC with Fire - "B" Shift

A Walterboro man received injuries after his vehicle failed to negotiate a curve on Cooks Hill Road at Clearwater Ln. The Chevolet Tahoe then collided with a tree and caught fire. The SUV received heavy damage. The man was able to self extricate from the SUV and was found several hundred feet away from the burning car. Firefighter-Paramedics arrived to find the vehicle well involved. One crew began treating the man's injuries, while another crew deployed one handline to extinguish the fire. The man was transported to Colleton Medical Center by Fire-Rescue Medic 1. Click here for additional information.
18-June-2022 - Multi-vehicle MVC - "B" Shift

A multi-vehicle MVC on I-95 injured six people and blocked the northbound lanes near mile marker 64 for about 45 minutes, Saturday afternoon 18-June at 17:15. Several northbound vehicles collided causing two to enter the wooded median and one to over-turn on the right shoulder. The accident blocked both northbound lanes. Fire-Rescue responded with three ambulances. Two people were transported by Fire-Rescue Medic 26 to the Trauma Center at Trident Medical Center. Two patients were transported to Colleton Medical Center and two patients were treated at the scene, but denied ambulance transport to a hospital. Click here for additional information.
18/June/2022 - Fatal ATV Accident - "B" Shift

A Summerville man died from injuries received in an ATV accident off of Parkers Ferry Road in Colleton County Saturday afternoon 18-June. At 14:58, Colleton County 9-1-1 received a report of the accident advising it was on Parkers Ferry Rd near Lowndes Landing. The GPS from the cell phone indicated the caller was south of the reported location and well off of the road. Parkers Ferry Rd is a 12 mile long dirt road that parallels the Edisto River and runs through a large tree farm. Access to some areas of the road are poor. Click here for additional information.
13/June/2022 - Fire Safe Community Designation

Colleton County has been named a Fire Safe Community by Fire Safe South Carolina through the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The County Fire-Rescue Department was recently recognized by Fire Safe South Carolina for efforts in 2021 to develop a community risk reduction plan for Colleton County.

Just 104 fire departments in 36 of the state’s counties have received the Fire Safe designation. The communities designated under this program continuously work to reduce fire related injuries in our state, thereby decreasing the risks for residents and firefighters. Click here for additional information.
10/June/2022 - Structure Fire - "B" Shift

A Jonesville home was heavily damaged in an early morning fire Friday 10-June. At 00:22, 9-1-1 received several reports of flames coming from the roof of a house in the 400 block of Jonesville Ave. Engine 13 arrived minutes later advising the single story brick veneer structure was approximately 50% involved. The single occupant was located and had safely escaped the burning building. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed multiple handlines to the building. The fire had already breached the roof and was running the attic. Shortly after arrival, fire was venting from all openings at the eaves. Click here for additional information.
09/June/2022 - Pickup Truck vs Lawn Mower MVC - "B" Shift

An adult female was critically injured when a small John Deere riding mower she was driving was struck by a pickup truck in the 2200 block of Green Pond Hwy. (SC Hwy 303) Thursday night at 21:43. Witnesses reported the lawn mower was traveling south on Rivers Street just minutes before the collision. The area is dark on the rural highway. A south bound Toyota Tacoma on Green Pond Hwy. rounded the curve at Rivers Street and could not see the unlighted lawn mower driving in the road. The pickup truck collided with the mower, throwing it to the wood line. Click here for additional information.
09/June/2022 - High Speed MVC - "B" Shift

A high speed two vehicle MVC on a residential street sent two people to the hospital Thursday evening 09-June. At approximately 20:55, Sheriff's Deputies were responding to a reported domestic incident on Welles Lane when 9-1-1 was advised that a man stole a utility truck from the location and had driven away from the scene. A short time later 9-1-1 received a report the utility truck had struck an SUV in the 200 block of Welles Lane and fled the scene. Law Enforcement and Fire-Rescue were sent to the area.  Click here for additional information.
08/June/2022 - Shooting Incident - "A" Shift

An adult male received multiple gunshot wounds in a reported domestic dispute in the 200 block of Grant Street Wednesday afternoon 08-June at 13:48. Walterboro Police and Sheriff's Deputies arrived quickly, secured the scene and apprehended the armed suspect. Firefighter-Paramedics treated the victim at the scene, controlled his bleeding and transported him emergent to the Trauma Center at Trident Medical Center in North Charleston in Fire-Rescue Medic 19. County Firefighter-Paramedics took care of two small children who were also on the scene.   Click here for additional information.
05/June/2022 - Fatal MVC with ejection - "C" Shift

A high speed single vehicle MVC claimed the life of a 24 year old Beaufort man and sent a 22 yr old White Hall man to a Trauma Center Sunday morning 05-June. The accident was reported at 02:22 by another motorist . They provided aid to the 22 year old man until Fire-Rescue units arrived. The accident involved a 2018 Dodge Charger that was traveling west on Ritter Road. The car lost control in a curve in the 700 block, crossed into the westbound ditch and struck a tree in the passenger side door. Click here for additional information.

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