Colleton County Fire-Rescue


13/April/2022 - Woods Fires - "B" Shift

Incident #s 22-02778 & 22-02780 - Multiple units responded to two woods fires Wednesday afternoon 13-April. The first was reported in the 9200 block of Sidneys Road at 13:52. It appeared a vehicle traveling on Sidneys Road may have suffered a mechanical problem dropping sparks along the shoulder of the road, which ignited several fires over an approximately one mile stretch of Sidneys Road.  Engine 5 found multiple fires in the area and requested additional units and several Forestry Tractors. The fire involved approximately 10 acres. One mobile home received heat damage. Fire units and Forestry were on the scene for three hours. 

Engine 5, Engine 36, Brush 9, Tender 9, Tender 27, Medic 9, Battalion 1 and Car 107 responded. Asst. Chief Marty Stallings served as Incident Commander. 

At 15:53, a fire was reported by a resident in the 400 block of Katie Bridge Road. Engine 1 had difficulty locating the fire which was well off of the roadway. Firefighters could see heavy smoke and hear the fire traveling through the woods. They later found a long driveway in the 600 block of Katie Bridge Rd, then located a portion of the fire approx. 1/4 mile off of road. The rapidly moving woods fire was driven by winds in a northerly direction toward Peniel Road. Engine 1 and Brush 9 protected the home and several outbuildings in the 600 block. The fire burned around three sides of the residence and destroyed several piles of building materials and other stored items near the home. Additional Fire-Rescue Units were sent to the area to protect structures along Katie Bridge Road and Peniel Road. The Forestry Commission estimated the fire involved close to 200 acres of planted pines. Forestry also sent six tractors and a brush unit to contain the fire. Firefighters kept the flames from reaching any homes. Units were on the scene for six hours. The fire appears to have started from a trash fire in a metal drum. 

Engine 1, Engine 902, Tender 1, Tender 27, Brush 9, Brush 27, Medic 1, Medic 9, Car 105, Car 107 Car112 and Car 118 responded. Firefighter-EMT Brett Beach served as Incident Commander.