Colleton County Fire-Rescue


11/December/2021 - Virtual Awards Presentation

Fire-Rescue canceled the annual Christmas Dinner due to Covid concerns. The awards presentations were held virtually Saturday evening 11-December. The recipients are listed below: 

Volunteer Firefighter of the Year – Captain Ethan Shieder


Career Firefighter of the Year – Captain Alex Koontz


Service Awards


Thirty Years – David Greene, Blaine Harrison, Barry McRoy and Ethan Shieder.


Twenty Five Years – Jerri McGraw and Les McGraw.


Twenty Years – Scott Feather, Roger Johnston and Scott Ulmer.


Fifteen Years – Ashley Ackerman, Brent Dalton, David Goins, Brian Johnson, Ralph Polk and Brian Rowe.


Ten Years – Hal Causey, Casey Chubb, Storm Hadwin and Bryan Henderson.


Five Years – Brian Biering, Josh Blasko, Eric Ferguson, Ryan Herndon, Connor Hutto, Charlie Jones, Bryon Perry and Nicholas Polk.


Highest number of Responses for 2021 – Firefighter-Paramedic Brent Spearman with 465. Runner up was Captain John Schneider with 437.


Highest number of Successful Intubations – Lt. Cody Hutto.


Highest number of Successful IVs – Three-way tie – Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Bascom, Firefighter-Paramedic James Gibby and Firefighter-Paramedic Donnie Martin.


Lowest average scene time – Captain Joseph Holmes (Second year in a row)


Lowest average chute time – Firefighter-Paramedic Elissa Gerard


Lowest average response time – Firefighter-Paramedic Will Worrell


Life Saving Awards were presented to: Firefighter-Paramedic Alex Begin, Firefighter-EMT Josh Blasko, Lt. Brandon Broach and Capt. Matt Smart.


We congratulate all those who received awards and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a good 2022.