Colleton County Fire-Rescue


10/October/2021 - Shooting Incident - "B" Shift

Incident # 21-07317 - An adult male was shot in the ear during a possible alteration near the intersection of Rivers Street and Proctor Street Sunday morning 10-October. At 05:29, the man called 9-1-1 and reported that he had been shot in the head. City Law Enforcement Officers located the subject at the intersection. Fire-Rescue Medic 1 arrived minutes later to find the man walking around the scene, with a wound to the cartilage on the left ear. The man was very uncooperative, would not provide any information and was cursing at Officers and other responders who came to help him. After being bandaged the man flipped off responders and walked away from the scene. 

Medic 1, Battalion 1, Car 112 and Car 118 responded. Battalion Chief Scott Feather served as Incident Commander.