Colleton County Fire-Rescue


09-October-2021 - Mutual Aid Dive Response - "B" Shift

Incident # 21-07314 - Colleton Fire-Rescue Divers responded to Dorchester County on a mutual request for the Highway Patrol for a vehicle submerged in water in the first block of Linger Longer Drive off of US Hwy 17-A, Saturday evening 09-October at 22:16. A small pickup truck had driven into a pond and become submerged. A bystander assisted the driver from the truck as it sank, but it was unknown if other occupants were in the truck and the driver was not in any condition to tell responders that information. Marine 1 was requested and responded, placing two divers in the water and one on the bank to handle communications. The truck and the area surrounding the truck were searched, but fortunately no one else was found. The Divers then assisted the tow truck company with hooking up the truck and removing it from the water. 

Dive 1 responded. Lt. Ray Delonge served as Incident Commander.