Colleton County Fire-Rescue


13/June/2020 – Structure Fire with injuries – “B” Shift

Incident # 20-3900 – A 28 yr. old man received second degree burns over approximately 40 percent of body following a fire at the Lively Stone Temple located at 1406 Lively Stone Road south of Ashton Saturday afternoon at 13:47. The man and serval other church members were conducting grounds maintenance when a lawn mower was stored in a storage building. Witnesses advised the unit was being refueled when an explosion occurred spreading fire to the building and igniting the man’s clothing. Other members assisted the injured man and called 9-1-1. Fire-Rescue units arrived a few minutes later with Engine 23 reporting the storage building was fully involved and the fire had spread to two large motor coaches which were parked nearby. Crews deployed two hand lines, with one protecting and cooling a LP tank, while the other combated the building fire. Fire-Rescue Medic 18 quickly treated the injured man and requested a Medical Helicopter to responded. CARE Flight responded and landed in the field in front of Bells Elementary School at Bells Crossroads. Medic 18 transported the patient there to meet with CARE Flight. Some complications arose and the patient could not be flown. The Flight Crew accompanied Medic 18’s crew and the patient was transported emergent to the Burn Center at MUSC in Charleston. Other crews worked to extinguish the building and vehicle fires. The storage building was completely destroyed and both buses received heavy damage. The cause of the fire was consistent with the witness reports and appeared to have started near the lawn mower. Units were on the scene for 2 hours.

Engine 15, Engine 18, Engine 23, Tender 15, Tender 18, Tender 23, Tender 27, Medic 7, Medic 18, Rescue 1, Battalion 1, Car 112 and Car 118 responded. Battalion Chief Brent Dalton served as Incident Commander.  

Photos by Harold Buzzell and Noah Feather