Colleton County Fire-Rescue


16/April/2020 – Dam Breakage / Flooding – “A” Shift

A portion of a dam containing a 4.5 acres pond collapsed Thursday morning spilling an estimated 14 million gallons of water into a creek running behind Green Lawn Cemetery on Hendersonville Hwy (US Hwy 17-A). The water filled the creek and ditches along Hendersonville Hwy at Bomar Ln and blocked Hendersonville Hwy for one and half hours until the water safely dropped to allow traffic to continue to move. SCDOT units were on the scene and spend most of the day Thursday rebuilding the shoulders on both sides of the highway. City Fire and Police units blocked Hendersonville Hwy and detoured traffic until 10:00. One land remained closed until late afternoon. DHEC inspectors also responded to inspect the dam. It is believed a tree along the earth dam may have fallen during the tornados Monday causing the dam to be weakened. No injuries were reported.

City Fire units and Car 112 responded. Walterboro Fire Chief Paul Seigler served as Incident Commander.