Colleton County Fire-Rescue


09/August/2018 MVC with entrapment - C Shift

Incident # 18-05531 At 20:50 Thursday evening 09-August a pickup truck crashed into a fallen tree on South Jefferies Blvd just north of Hendersonville Hwy. Earlier in the evening a large tree fell across all four lanes of the busy highway taking down the power lines along South Jefferies Blvd and knocking out power to many south areas of the county. A severe thunderstorm was passing through the Lowcountry with heavy rains, high winds and lightning. SCDOT crews and personnel from SCE&G were on the scene attempting the clear the roadway and restore the power lines. Walterboro Police units were positioned south and north of the incident to detour traffic. The southbound pickup truck drove around two police cruisers at Ivanhoe Road, then accelerated continuing south on Jefferies Blvd until it reach the tree. The pickup truck struck the tree at a high rate of speed causing extensive damage and trapping the driver in the wreckage. Debris from the collision hit power company crews who were working south of the tree, but no injuries were reported. Police units were on the scene immediately and determined the man was severely injured and trapped. Fire-Rescue was notified and responded to the scene. County Firefighter-Paramedics began treating the mans injuries and administering IVs and medications during the extrication. Crews used multiple Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools to perform the extrication of the driver. They also stabilized the tree which was resting on the cab. SCDOT personnel coordinated their efforts and removed a great portion of the tree while the extrication was in progress.The force of the impact crushed the dash down on the patients legs and much of the hood was inside the passenger compartment.

The dash was displaced onto the driver. Firefighter-Paramedics worked for nearly an hour to free the man. Once extricated, he was transported emergent in Fire-Rescue Medic 1 to the Trauma Center at MUSC. No medical helicopters could fly due to poor weather conditions. Trees were down on several routes in Dorchester County preventing ambulances from traveling to the closer Trauma Center at Trident Hospital. SCDOT had the road cleared about an hour later. SCE&G personnel worked throughout the night to rerun the power lines and restore power. Walterboro Police is investigating the accident.

Rescue 1, Battalion 1, Car 107, Car 112 and Car 118 responded. Walterboro Fire units also responded. County Asst. Chief Marty Stallings served as Incident Commander.