Colleton County Fire-Rescue


09/March/2017 Woods Fires A Shift

Incident # Various Multiple woods fires kept Colleton and Forestry Commission Firefighters busy most of Thursday 09-March. Fires occurred in several areas of the county burning mostly woods or grass. Many homes and one church were threatened. A storage building at 6495 Rehoboth Road was destroyed when a grass fire burned up to the building. The small building was well involved when firefighters arrived and was destroyed. The largest fire occurred in the 1100 block of Bazzle Road north of Cottageville and involved 115 acres. Fire-Rescue had four Engines, two Tenders and a Brush Truck working the fire, while the Forestry Commission responded with three Tractors. Fire-Rescue units were on the scene for four hours. Forestry units remained with the fire through the evening. Other than the storage building, Firefighters kept the flames from reaching any buildings.

         13:37 1729 Scuffleton Road 2 acres

         14:13 9000 block of ACE Basin Parkway several acres

         14:42 117 Jaffey Lane yard fire

         14:45 10147 Sidneys Road 7 acres

         15:05 15000 Bennetts Point Road 10 acres

         15:10 1176 Bazzle Road 115 acres

         15:17 Green Pond Hwy and Springhill Road 12 acres

         15:59 8446 ACE Basin Parkway 4 acres

         16:04 6495 Rehoboth Road 1 acre with a storage building destroyed

         19:36 10215 Sidneys Road multi-acre