Colleton County Fire-Rescue


25/March/2015 – Prom DUI Demo at High School

Fire-Rescue was one of several agencies who participated in a motor vehicle accident demonstration at Colleton County High School Wednesday morning 25-March at 10:00. The demo was held in the parking lot next to the stadium and was organized by the students to drive home the message about alcohol use while driving and the need to wear seat belts. The students made most of the arrangements, wrote the scenario, played the parts of the driver and victims and performed their on moulage. The Coroner and Sheriff’s Office also attended. LifeNet 4 had planned to attend, but was not able to fly due to poor weather conditions. The scenario covered a single vehicle crash with an ejection and entrapment. The ejected patient was DOA in front the Junior and Senior Classes. The driver was initially walking around the scene viewing what he was responsible for, until the Law Enforcement Officers arrived. He was then given a field sobriety test, hand cuffed and placed under arrest. Fire-Rescue units triaged the simulated patients and conducted an extrication of three patients. Two were removed from the car, then a manikin in the front seat was extricated using hydraulic rescue tools.

The manikin patient also died in the scenario. Coroner Richard Harvey was on hand to pronounce the deceased patients. Deputy Chief David Greene provided narration for the students over the PA System in Car 105. Following the demonstration, Harvey and Greene delivered a safety message to the students to reinforce the message, prior to the upcoming Prom. Colleton Prep Senior and Junior Classes also attended.