Colleton County Fire-Rescue


05/February/2015 – Station 34 Opens

Fire Station # 34 north of Cottageville was placed online last Thursday, 5-February. This new station houses Engine 34 and Tender 34, a 3000 gallon Tender. Residents north and east of Cottageville who have previously been outside of the five limit of a fire station should notify their Insurance Carriers. This will bring several hundred homes inside the Class 4 coverage area and should save many homeowners a substantial amount of money on their homeowners insurance policy. The new station provides extended coverage into the McDaniel town Community, Red Oak Community and Peirce Road north of Cottageville. It covers the Camp Buddy Community south to Sullivan’s Ferry Road and Peirce Road north to # 8142. All of Red Oak Road and the roads running off of it are now within the five mile limit recognized by insurance companies.  The station ran its first emergency the next day on Friday 6-Feb. The facility was supposed to be completed in early December, but due to two thief incidents of the building materials, the project was delayed two months until portions of the building could be reordered/delivered.