Colleton County Fire-Rescue


26/August/2014 Structure Fires A Shift

Incident # 14-05029 Two homes were damaged and one work shop destroyed in an early morning fire that started at 160 Boone Street in the Country Estates Subdivision Tuesday morning 26-August. At 1:45, 9-1-1 Operators began receiving reports of the fire in a work shop and a home located behind the work shop. Car 118 arrived to find the 20x40 block work shop fully involved and a single story residential dwelling approximately 30% involved. Engine 1 was directed to a position on Capers Street behind the work shop. Multiple handlines and a deck gun were used in an attempt to extinguish the rapidly spreading fire in the Capers Street home. It appeared the fire originated in the work shop and spread to piles of lumber and wood in the yard at 160 Boone Street. The residence at 189 Capers Street was located approximately 20 feet from the work shop on the lot next door and the fire spread to the attached garage, then extended into the attic. Neighbors had awaken the family at the Capers Street home. An adult male and two teenagers were able to safely exit the house. A second alarm was requested six minutes after the first fire units arrived, with a third alarm five minutes after the second. The home on Capers Street had security bars on all of the windows. Firefighters had to remove the bars with a K-12 saw before it was safe to enter the structure.

The fire quickly spread through the attic and within seven minutes after arrival was extending from the eaves on all sides of the home. The main home at 160 Boone Street also suffered heat damage to the rear of the house and most items in the back yard were destroyed. A pickup truck parked next to the work shop was also destroyed.

Firefighter-Paramedics worked diligently to contain the Capers Street fire, while other crews protected the exposures on Boone Street and worked to extinguish the work shop fire. A Tender Shuttle was established for water supply, due to the majority of the subdivision being an unhydranted area. It took approximately 50 minutes to bring the fires under control. The Capers Street home lost most of the roof and the majority of the fire was contained to the attic, however the remainder of the home suffered heavy damage from drop down fire and water. Many personal items were salvaged. The work shop and pickup truck on Boone Street was completely destroyed, as was several pieces of equipment in the yard. The Boone Street home also suffered heat and fire damage to the back of the house. The fire appeared to have started in or near the electrical panel in the work shop. Fire units were on the scene for over five hours. The Charleston Chapter of the American Red Cross was contacted to assist the family.  

Engine 1, Engine 4, Engine 5, Engine 17, Engine 19, Engine 24, Engine 26, Tender 1, Tender 6, Tender 9, Tender 13, Tender 19, Tender 26, Tender 27, Medic 1, Medic 6, Medic 9, Medic, Medic 26, Rescue 1, Battalion 1, Car 12, Car 105, Car 107 and Car 118 responded. Battalion Chief Dan Barb and Captain Gary Nahrstedt operated the Command Post.