Colleton County Fire-Rescue


20/August/2013 – High Speed MVC – “C” Shift

Incident # 13-04573 – An adult female was transported to the hospital following a police chase that ended after the woman’s car collided with a tractor trailer. The incident began at the BP Gas Station at 1404 Sniders Highway. Law Enforcement had requested Firefighter-Paramedics respond to evaluate a woman. When Medic 1 arrived, Walterboro Public Safety Officers were involved in a confrontation with the woman. She sped away from the scene, with officers in pursuit. The woman proceeded northbound on I-95 at speeds of 65 mph. Upon approaching Exit 57 (Bells Highway) a tractor trailer attempted to block the vehicle and box her in against the guard rail. The woman then attempted to drive under the trailer of the moving truck, but became caught by the rear wheels. The car was ejected into the guardrail causing heavy damage. Walterboro Public Safety Officers quickly apprehended the woman. She was evaluated at the scene and transported to Colleton Medical Center while under arrest. She received non-life threatening traumatic injuries. One Public Safety Officer received minor injuries during the incident.

Medic 1 and Car 111 responded. Lt. Michael Banks served as Incident Commander.