Colleton County Fire-Rescue


30/December/2012 Structure Fire A Shift

Incident # 12-07095 A large garage was destroyed in a Sunday afternoon fire at 5526 Moselle Road. The incident occurred at 12:55 30-December, when a neighbor saw the 50x30 garage on fire. They alerted the homeowner and called 9-1-1. Engine 23 arrived several minutes later, to find the building fully involved. The roof had already collapsed. The structure contained a motor home, boat, several trailers, equipment and tools from the workshop. The fire had spread to the yard, burning approximately an acre and setting a pickup on fire. The truck was fully involved as well. Firefighters used a deckgun and two 1-3/4 handlines to combat the fire. Crews removed the remains of the metal roof to reach the burning articles below the collapsed roof. Firefighters spent 20 minutes bringing the fire under control and about an hour performing overhaul. Water supply was handled with Tenders. The fire burned away from the two residences so neither home received any damage. The cause of the fire appears to be electrical in nature.

Engine 10, Engine 15, Engine 23, Tender 15, Tender 18, Tender 23, Squad 23, Battalion 1 and Car 109 responded. Captain Matthew Owen Williams, Jr. served as Incident Commander.