Colleton County Fire-Rescue


25/August/2012 – River Rescue – “C” shift

Incident # 12-04670 - Fire-Rescue and the Sheriff’s Office rescued eighteen boy scouts and the adult leaders on the Edisto River Saturday afternoon 25-August. A 9-1-1 call was received at 14:15 Saturday reporting the group of eighteen (six adults and twelve children) was stranded on the Edisto River somewhere near the Dawhoo Cut. The group had put in at West Bank Landing in Jacksonboro Saturday morning, paddling down the Edisto River attempting to reach another landing. They encountered a change in the tide which prevented them from reaching their destination. As the group became worn out paddling against the currents, they found a safe haven in a bend in the River. Initially their condition and exact location was not known. Fire-Rescue units also put in at West Bank Landing, traveling 9-1/2 miles south until they located the scouts. Fortunately no one was injured other than some sunburn. The group was prepared for the excursion and had plenty of food and water with them.

Due to the reported number of people involved, several volunteer firefighters also used their personal boats to assist with the rescue. Fire-Rescue Commissioner Scooter Drew, who lives in Jacksonboro, was the first to reach them. He relayed information over the radio that no one was hurt. Fire-Rescue also contacted the Sheriff’s Office who responded to the Dawhoo Bridge Landing in Charleston County with their boat. They traveled north to meet up with the other rescuers. Firefighters tied the nine canoes together and pulled them behind two boats. The scouts were loaded into three boats and everyone was transported north to Willtown Landing. They were off loaded there. Fire-Rescue then transported several adults back to West bank Landing to retrieve their cars and the canoe trailers. The operation took about three and half hours. The scouts were part of a troop from the Charleston area. They were on a weekend camping trip, working on their canoeing merit badges among other things.

Squad 27, Marine 27, Medic 6, Car 12, and Car 107 responded.  Chief McRoy served as Incident Commander.