Colleton County Fire-Rescue


05/14/2012 Haz Mat Response B Shift

Incident # 12-02579 A smoking substance with a strange smell concerned Solid Waste employees at the landfill Monday afternoon 14-May. At 16:23, Fire-Rescue was called to investigate a smoking substance in the landfill. Operators found the material just before closing the facility. Firefighters responded to the facility, closing off access to the center entry road. Crew members in Level A suits used a variety of testing devices to determine the material was more than likely ammonia. The problem was mitigated on site with units being on scene for close to three hours.

Engine 1, Haz Mat 19, Medic 1, Medic 19, Battalion 1, Car 110, Car 111, Car 118 and Car 119 responded. Battalion Chief Ben Heape served as Incident Commander.