Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Twelve Colleton County Volunteer Firefighters have successfully completed the revised Medical First Responder Course. This 65 hour training class was based on the National Registry Curriculum and lasted through most of the month of August. Following the training, the students took a 100 question written exam from a test bank and were tested on their skills during practical evaluations. The entire class passed with one student scoring 100%. This course was revamped by the Training Division and Doctor Mandel to meet the National Standards and is part of the County certification for Medical First Responder. Since the State of SC does not regulate the First Responder level, the County will conducting the training and certification following the National Registry guidelines.

The students included Leon Bryan Station 17, Micheal Butler Station 19, Kim Delonge Station 19, Ray Delonge Station 19, Mark Farish Station 8, Bob Frankovich Station 21, Mary Langdale Station 5, Cameron Mabry Station 19, Beth McDonough Station 21, Jose Regalado Station 29, Stacey Taylor Station 21 and Josh Thomas of Station 5.

The Instructors included Firefighter-Paramedics Kevin Binnall, Scott Feather, Janet Laney, Ben Rice, Brian Rowe, Steve Sanders and Firefighter-EMT Bryon Martinson. Evaluators were RN-Paramedic Melissa Feather, Firefighter-Paramedic Steven Scurry and Firefighter-EMT-I James Varnadoe.