Colleton County Fire-Rescue


We have been advised of the following road name changes.

Mighty Cougar Drive has been renamed to Tuskegee Airman Drive and the addressing runs from 0-1840 as before. It is still numbered from Jefferies Highway. The old High School, which is now the Colleton County Middle School, is one of only two structures located on the road. The Tuskegee Airman Office is the second building and is located in the back of the school parking lot on the east side of the building. It is a red and white doublewide trailer.  

The old Tuskegee Airman Drive has been changed to  Purple Heart Drive. The addressing runs from 0-174. It runs between Thunderbolt Drive and the new Tuskegee Airman Drive (formerly Mighty Cougar Drive) next to the Floralife Factory.

As stated above, the old school High School (formerly of 1379 Mighty Cougar Drive) will now be housing the Colleton County Middle School. All middle schools in the county have been consolidated to this location. The address will be 1379 Tuskegee Airman Drive.

The address for the new Colleton County High School is 3825 Jefferies Highway. There are two entrances to the facility, both of which are off of Jefferies Highway. The number 3825 is the address for the north entrance, however the school district is using the address for the south entrance. The south entrance is the main access to the property. The south entrance is located in the 3400 block directly across from Crestview Lane. When you receive calls for this location the cross streets provided by CAD/Dispatch will not be accurate. We are working with the Addressing Dept to resolve the error.