Colleton County Fire-Rescue


06/01/2011 Structure Fire B Shift

Incident # 11-03019 A homeowner used a garden hose to save his residence Wednesday evening 01-June. After a fire broke out on the stove at 134 Franklin Street at 21:19, the flames quickly spread into the cabinets in and around the appliance, filling the home with smoke. Residents safely fled the building, but Edward McCall returned with a garden hose to combat the fire. He remained inside crawling along the floor, until the smoke and heat drove him from the building, but his efforts knocked enough of the fire down to contain it to the kitchen. The tremendous heat had already spread across the ceiling, through the dining area and into the living room, where it melted a plastic clock on the wall and damaged other items in the living room. Firefighters arrived minutes later, deploying one 1-3/4 handline to the kitchen. Crews pulled the ceiling above the stove and extinguished the remaining fire there and in the wall. Overhaul and ventilation took another 30 minutes. The home was saved with light smoke damage throughout. The kitchen suffered substantial damage. No one was injured during the incident.

Engine 19, Engine 24, Tender 1, Tender 19, Tender 26, Tender 27, Medic 19, Battalion 1, Car 117 and Car 118 responded. Battalion Chief Ben Heape served as Incident Commander.