Colleton County Fire-Rescue


05/31/2011 Structure Fire A Shift

Incident 11-02993 Postman David Carey alerted 9-1-1 to a structure fire at 111 Our Dream Lane Tuesday morning 31-May at 10:44. While delivering mail, Mr. Carey  noticed smoke and flames coming from the rear of the residence. Engine 19 arrived a short time later to find moderate smoke conditions and flames visible from rear and roof of the singlewide mobile home. Firefighters deployed two 1-3/4 handlines to the building, forced entry through the front door and knocked the fire down within five minutes. The fire had extended into the void space between the living area and the roof, but was stopped prior to extending above the kitchen. Most of the fire was contained to the roof/ceiling above the utility room area and an adjacent bathroom, a rear wall and the covered rear porch. Exterior crews used the second line to extinguish the porch and pulled the underpinning away to reach a small amount of fire under the home. No one was in the residence when the fire occurred. Overhaul took about 40 minutes. Investigators determined the fire originated in electrical wiring running along the rear wall above the utility room.

It spread outside the mobile home to ignite the covered porch, then burned back into the void space above the living area. Items in the utility area suffered heavy fire damage and an adjacent bedroom suffered heat, water and smoke damage. Most other items inside the home were saved, but suffered smoke damage. Water supply was provided by Tenders.

Engine 19, Engine 24, Tender 1, Tender 19, Tender 27, Medic 19, Battalion 1, Car 117 and Car 118 responded. Captain Scott Feather served as Incident Commander.