Colleton County Fire-Rescue


05/05/2011 – “B” Shift – Fatal MVC

Incident # 11-02516 – A two vehicle collision on Lodge Hwy (SC Hwy 217) has left one man with fatal injuries and closed the highway for six hours. The accident was reported at 15:20, Wednesday afternoon 05-May at the intersection with Sunflower Road west of the Town of Smoaks. Initial reports to 9-1-1 were confusing, reporting a car accident, one with reports of entrapment and another caller reporting a pedestrian hit by car. Engine 7 and Medic 18 arrived to find an accident scene littered with debris, logs and two over-turned vehicles. The entire highway was blocked. Apparently a west bound loaded log truck collided with a west bound John Deere farm tractor that was pulling a disk harrow as the tractor attempted to make a turn. The high speed collision caused heavy damage to the farm tractor, causing the tractor trailer to over-turn spilling the load of logs over a 300’ debris field. The tandem wheels from the log trailer were ripped from the trailer during the crash. The truck came to rest west of Sunflower Road blocking the highway. The driver of the farm tractor was ejected from the enclosed cab.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver escaped without injuries. Both the farm tractor and Kenworth truck were leaking diesel fuel. Firefighters covered the spill on the highway with dirt and oil dry. They also diked the ditch near the truck to prevent any spread of the leaking fuel and  were able to partially plug the leak to slow the escaping fuel. EPD contacted a private company to clean up the spilled fuel. The logging company brought in its own equipment to retrieve the spilled logs. The SC Highway Patrol and State Transport Police  are investigating the crash. The Coroner’s Office transported the deceased man.

Engine 7, Medic 18, Squad 7, Rescue 1, Battalion 1, Car 12 and Car 119 responded. Lt. Joseph Campbell served as Incident Commander, which was later transferred to Captain John Graham.