Colleton County Fire-Rescue


On Thursday evening 1-July, Fire-Rescue Commission Chairman Lavern Polk presented four Fire-Rescue personnel Commendations for Life Saving.  These commendations were awarded as a result of performance at an incident where personnel found a pediatric patient in cardiopulmonary arrest.  Personnel spent only five minutes at the scene and the transport time was only six minutes. During these 11 minutes, personnel were able to successfully initiate chest compressions, perform endotracheal intubation and begin ventilations, establish an intraosseous line, and administer life saving medications.  Shortly after arrival at Colleton Medical Center, emergency department staff reported that the patient had a return of spontaneous circulation.  The patient was transferred to a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and has since been extubated, has been discharged from the PICU to a regular hospital bed and continues to improve.  Several physicians have stated that it would be difficult for many fixed medical facilities to provide the same care that these personnel provided given the same limited time frame.

Colleton Medical Center staff also distributed a certificate of recognition to the personnel involved.

Colleton Medical Center staff and County Administration personnel also attended the ceremony which took place at Fire-Rescue headquarters.

Engineer/Paramedic Blaine Harrison, who just recently obtained his paramedic license, Firefighter/Paramedic Ben Heape, Lieutenant Joey Campbell, and Chief Barry McRoy received the commendations.