Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 1 and 26 responded to a Hazardous Materials Incident on Mount Carmel Road at the intersection of Ruffin Road Tuesday evening 29-June, at 2211. Walterboro Public Safety Officers were involved in a high speed chase with a pickup truck on Mount Carmel Road when a large plastic storage box containing a liquid chemical was propelled at the patrol car. The container broke apart upon impact with the police vehicle covering the car in the chemical. The officer continued the pursuit, however the container remained in the roadway. The suspect vehicle turned off of Mount Carmel Road several miles north of the location, at which point the officer began experiencing respiratory difficulty. He was taken to Colleton Medical Center for evaluation and was later released.

Fire-Rescue was notified of the possible chemical spill at 2211. The location is less than a mile from Station # 26, so Engine 26 arrived within a minute. From a distance Engine 26 identified the container near the roadway and blocked off Mount Carmel Road. Law Enforcement personnel also closed off the intersection of Mount Carmel and Ruffin Road. HazMat personnel responded to the scene, setting up south of the location. A decon line was established and personnel were placed in Level B suits. Crews were unable to identify the

 product due to a lack of labeling and a only a small amount of liquid still at the scene. The containers were placed in an over pack drum and turned over to a private contractor for disposal. Units were on the scene for a little over three hours. Traffic in the area was rerouted during that time.

Engine 26, Medic 26, HazMat 19, Battalion 1, Car 12, Car 11, Car 16, Car 111 responded. Asst. Chief David Greene served as Incident Commander.