Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 1, 19 and 26 responded to a second Carbon Monoxide leak within the last week at the American Body Builder's Bottling Plant located at 1756 Industrial Road Monday afternoon 14-April at 1602.  Engine 19 and Medic 19, who were returning from a house fire, were driving near the plant and arrived within a minute. First arriving units found the plant had already been evacuated and the alarm system was sounding. The first in entry team found elevated Carbon Monoxide levels in the plant. Representatives from SCE&G secured the gas to the facility and Area Rae wireless air monitoring equipment was placed throughout the building. Crews used portable air monitors to check the interior of the building. Other firefighters checked the roof.  The building was ventilated and the Area Rae Monitors were repositioned multiple times as personnel continued to monitor the building for several hours. The building was then turned back over to  plant personnel. Units were on the scene for five hours.

Engine 19, Engine 26, HazMat 19, Rescue 1, Medic 19, Car 11, Car 111, Car 12, Car 116 and Battalion 1 responded.  Lieutenant Joseph Campbell served as Incident Commander.