Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 4, 7, 18, 26, and 31 responded to a structure and woods fire at 533 Southern Charm Road Sunday afternoon 7-March at 1321. Truck 12 arrived to find a single story work shop and pick-up truck fully involved. A fast moving woods and grass fire was already burning over approximately two acres endangering a doublewide mobile home. Engine 26 arrived minutes later deploying two CAFS lines and a booster line. Engine 31 took a position east of the structure to combat the woods fire spreading in that direction. The work shop contained building materials, tools and gas cylinders and was connected to a wooden deck surrounding a swimming pool. The deck was also burning, as was a boat hitched the pick-up truck. Firefighters worked for about 30 minutes to contain the fires which were driven by moderate winds. Approximately 3 acres of grass and woods were damaged. The pick-up truck and work shop were completely destroyed, while the pool deck, pool, boat and mobile home were damaged.  The fire originated from a debris pile which was apparently rekindled by the wind. The home owner had been burning the prior day, but extinguished the pile before dark.

Engine 26, Engine 31, Tender 4, Tender 7, Tender 18, Tender 27, Truck 11 and Truck 12 responded. Captain Scott Feather served as Incident Commander.