Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 1, 2, 5, 9 and 11 responded to a house fire at 7124 Pearce Road near the county line, with mutual aid received from the Old Fort and Town of Ridgeville Fire Departments. The initial 9-1-1 call reported smoke coming from under the residence. Engine 9 and Medic 9 arrived to find light smoke coming from under the building and from the eaves. The homeowner was using a garden hose in attempts to extinguish a fire in the wall next to the fire place. Firefighters had him evacuate the building. Crews found fire in the walls on both sides of the fireplace. Upon investigation heavy fire conditions were located  under the floor in the living room near the fire place as well. Firefighters pulled a portion of the ceiling, finding heavy fire conditions spreading through the attic above the living room and into the attic of an addition next to the garage.

A second alarm was requested. Due to the remote area and the number of Colleton fire units and personnel still assigned to the two alarm Barracada Road fire, mutual aid was requested from the Old Fort Fire Department.  Old Fort in turn requested a tender as mutual aid from the Ridgeville Fire Department due to several Old Fort units being tied up assisting the Ashley River Fire Department

with another house fire in Dorchester County. Several Colleton County crews were released from the Barracada Road fire to respond the 19 miles to Pearce Road. This included Tender 1, Tender 9, Medic 27 and Truck 11. Engine 11 could not respond due to mechanical problems.  Firefighters deployed an 1-3/4 line into the residence and began attacking the fire. They pulled the sheetrock from the walls surrounding the fire place and were able to extinguish the fire in the walls. They pulled the ceiling in part of the living room and knocked down the fire in the attic. Chain saws were used to cut a section from the living room floor to allow water streams to be applied to the fire under the house. As more personnel arrived, an additional chainsaw was used. A large 8 foot by 4 foot portion of the floor was removed, as well as the fire place to reach the fire that had spread into the walls. Crews entered the attic and were able to extinguish the fire there.

Mutual aid units were able to clear up after approximately 1-1/2 hours. Colleton Fire Units were on the scene for  three hours. The home was saved with damage to the attic, floor joists near the living room and the interior wall

between the living room and the addition. The living room and addition suffered water damage as well. The remainder of the home suffered light smoke damage, but almost all personal items were saved. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Engine 9, Tender 1, Tender 2, Tender 5, Tender 9, Tender 903, Medic 9, Medic 27, Squad 9, Truck 11 and Truck 111 responded. Old Fort Fire Department responded an Engine, Tender and several officers. The Town of Ridgeville responded a Tender. Old Fort Asst. Chief Waters initially served as Incident Commander assisted by Colleton Captain Scott Feather. Feather continued in that role when the mutual aid companies were released.