Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 10, 13, 15, 18 and 23 responded to a structure fire at 2780 Polk Road in the Islandton Community at 1414, Monday afternoon 16-November. Engine 18 reported light smoke conditions on arrival, with smoke exiting from the eves. Further investigation revealed the fire originated in the kitchen from a grease fire and extended to the attic. The grease fire had been extinguished by the residents prior to fire units arriving, however the fire continued to burn in the attic. Firefighters deployed an 1-3/4 handline to the kitchen and pulled some of the ceiling above the stove. A second 1-3/4 handline was deployed to the attic through the garage. Firefighters encountered a heavy fire load in the attic, consisting of boxes and stored materials. They were able to quickly knock down the visible fire from their position, but smoke conditions were heavy in the attic. As the crews began pulling burned insulation from the attic, they discovered roofing materials in the attic. Realizing they were in an addition to the original structure, required crews in the kitchen to find an alternate method of reaching the fire on the other side of the original roof, as the new portion was isolated from the original structure.

Interior crews pulled more ceiling from the kitchen attempting to reach the fire above the kitchen. The adjacent living room was constructed with vaulted ceilings with only a limited void space. The fire had extended above the living room as well. A exterior crew with a chain saw and axes was sent to the roof to cut a section of roof allowing crews to reach and extinguish the fire. Firefighters remained on scene for over three hours performing overhaul, removing burned insulation and stored materials from the attic. After insuring the fire was out, firefighters covered the hole in the roof with plastic and a salvage cover. No one was injured during the incident.

Engine 15, Engine 18, Tender 13, Tender 15, Tender 18, Tender 29, Medic 18, Battalion 1, Truck 11, Truck 110 and Truck 111 responded. Asst. Chief David Greene served as Incident Commander.