Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 5, 19 and 27 responded to a river rescue on the Edisto River in the 900 block of Sandy Landing Lane at 1417, Saturday 14-November. Two canoers found themselves in trouble after encountering swift waters in a narrow portion of the river. As they rounded a bend, they ran into a tree that had fallen across the river, blocking their passage. As the canoe became entangled in the tree limbs, it began to capsize, dumping the male subject into the water. The female was able to climb onto the tree before the canoe was pushed under the water and floated down stream. The man was able to swim to shore. Fortunately for the two of them, there are homes in this area of the river. The man was able to summons help and 9-1-1 was notified. Fire-Rescue, Sheriff’s Deputies and Wildlife (DNR) Officers responded to the scene.

Medic 19’s crew treated the soaked man for hypothermia. Temperatures in the afternoon were in the mid 60s. An assessment of the scene determined that Marine 27 was too large and would not be able to navigate around the fallen tree to retrieve the woman. Wildlife Officer Ben Graham was already enroute with a smaller boat with an ETA of 10 minutes. It was determined that it was

faster to wait until he arrived than to locate another landing downstream. A Fire-Rescue diver was suited up and stood by in the event the woman fell into the water. Upon Grahams arrival, he and DNR Officer Todd Williams put in at a private boat access near the scene. They were able to maneuvered around the fallen tree and easily picked the woman up off the tree. She was transported the shore, where Firefighter-Paramedics evaluated her. She had no injuries and required no treatment. DNR officers were able to retrieve the canoe and brought it back to shore as well. The canoe was secured to Marine 27. Firefighters transported the people and their canoe back to the landing north of Canadys.

Engine 5, Medic 19, Battalion 1, Squad 27 and Marine 27 responded. Battalion Chief Richard Sheffield served as Incident Commander.