Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Medic 27 found a septic tank at a residence in an most unlikely location, Saturday morning 7-November just before 0800. The crew had responded to a medical emergency at a mobile home on Smoak Road. After treating the patient and loading her in the ambulance, the unit turned around in the yard. The driver had asked the home owner the location of the septic tank, anticipating the U-turn in the yard and was told it was near the road. Upon leaving the scene, the ambulance abruptly stopped and lunged forward. The confused crew exited the unit to find the left front wheel had broken through the top of a septic tank. The tank was located in the center of the dirt driveway in front of a garage. The homeowner was not aware it was located there and routinely drove over the tank entering and exiting his home for many years.

Medic 19 responded to the location to complete the transport. The patient was in stable condition. A wrecker was used to lift the ambulance from the hole. The unit received front end damage from being removed from the hole. It was taken out of service, while maintenance crews began repairing it Saturday.