Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 5, 17, 19 and 26 responded to a structure fire at 2510 Three Mile Road at 1504, Tuesday 8-September. A caller reported seeing heavy smoke behind their residence located on Hickman Circle. They thought a building was on fire. Lt. Campbell in Truck 16 arrived about 5 minutes later to report a 20 X 30 workshop that was fully involved, with a rapidly moving woods fire and several pieces of equipment endangered. He noted the fire was down a long dirt road about half a mile south of Hickman Circle. A tractor from the Forestry Commission was requested. On arrival, Engine 26 used a deck gun to knock down the fire in the workshop and deployed an 1-3/4 handline to extinguish a backhoe that was burning. The line was then used to extinguish the workshop fire. The woods fire was quickly spreading in waist high brush, extending in the direction of a Freightliner Truck parked in the field. Several stacks of lumber and other building products stored near the workshop were already burning. Firefighters stretched two hundred feet of 3 inch line into the field and gated it to two 200 foot 1-3/4 handlines. The woods fire over ran the truck, which was fully involved before the handlines could be deployed. Crews used one 1-3/4 line to attack the truck fire. A second crew used the second line to extinguish the right flank of the brush fire and the stacks of lumber.

Tender 26 was able to enter an adjacent corn field and stopped the left flank of the brush fire with a booster line. The Forestry tractor cut a line around the fire as a precaution. Units were on the scene for 1-1/2 hours. The fire is believed to have started from an unattended trash fire in a barrel, which the owner thought was extinguished before he left a hour earlier.

Engine 5, Engine 26, Tender 5, Tender 19, Tender 26 and Battalion 1 responded. Lt. Joey Campbell served as Incident Commander.