Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 1, 19, 24, 26 and 27 responded to a kitchen fire at 210 Academy Road at Colleton Place, an assisted living facility across from Colleton Prep Academy, at 3:36 PM on Friday afternoon 4-September. Engine 26 arrived within minutes and found smoke inside the building, however the fire which had originated on a stove in the kitchen was already burned out. The staff and all residents had safely exited the building and were outside in the parking area. While two crews of firefighters checked for any fire extension in the kitchen and attic, three additional crews searched the building to insure everyone had evacuated. Firefighters set up PPV fans to blow the smoke out of the building and an additional ambulance was brought to the scene as a precaution to evaluate any of the elderly residents. No one had any medical complaints.

After approximately thirty minutes the smoke was cleared from the building and all residents were allowed back inside. Firefighters and staff assisted some residents back into the building. The fire originated on a large gas stove in the kitchen. It appeared grease on the top of the stove was the culprit. There was no damage to the building and no injuries. The staff and residents did a great job

evacuating the facility prior to the arrival of firefighters.

Engine 1, Engine 19, Engine 26, Tender 1, Tender 19, Ladder 19, Medic 19, Medic 27 and Battalion 1 responded. Battalion Chief Dan Barb served as Incident Commander.