Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Fire-Rescue participated in the Relay for Life again this year. We were tasked with operating the concession stand for the annual event. The Relay for Life is designed to raise money for Cancer research and similar events are held across the country each year in support of the American Cancer Society. Preparations begin each year nearly as soon as the event ends. It is a massive coordinated effort with local individuals pulling together resources and teams, all of who raise money for the cause. Fire Marshal Roger Johnston, Bridget Martinson from Headquarters and Firefighter-EMT Robbie McAlhaney spent several months collecting donated drinks, food and candy to operate the concession stand. Their wives also greatly assisted. Firefighter-EMT Michael Banks assisted with cooking hamburgers while Firefighter Brandon Broach, Lt. Joey Campbell and several other personnel operated the dunking booth. Everyone’s wives and/or husbands also pitched in with some of the kids volunteering for duty in the dunking booth.  Asst. Chief Greene gave some incentive to raise over $1000 dollars, offering his hair and mustache as rewards. The crew surpassed their goal, so off came the hair and mustache.

 The team was grateful to Huddle House of Orangeburg for donating hamburgers, Walterboro’s Cash and Carry for donating water and drinks, and several firefighter’s and their families who donated drinks and/or candy. The team collected $1,038.78.