Colleton County Fire-Rescue


On Thursday April 23, 2009 at 16:30, CCFR received a phone call from the SC FF Mobilization requesting units to respond to Horry County to assist with the wildland fire. Engine 1 and Engine 9 departed at 1932 hours. Crews took Hwy 17 to Hwy 22. E-1 and E-9 encountered heavy smoke, with visibility down to 15 feet. E-1 and E-9 turned around and made it to a clearing where they were met by Columbia E-8, B-21 and B-22. Columbia and CCFR units proceeded on and reported into staging at 2359hrs. CCFR crews reported into staging and Engine 1 was assigned to Task Force 24 and Engine 9 was assigned to Task Force 25.  CCFR units were then released from staging at 0133hrs and assigned to HCFR station 43 to provide structural coverage to that area. CCFR E-1, E-9 and HCFR T-3 arrived at Station 43 at 0200hrs. on April 24, 2009. HCFR T-3 was assigned as the station 43 team leader. CCFR engines received no calls for service while assigned at station 43. CCFR crews then reported back to staging at 0730 hrs and at 0800 received the brief for the operational period of 0800-2000hrs. At 1200hrs CCFR E-1, E-9 and Williamsburg B-2 were assigned to Task Force 7 with a HCFR team leader. TF-7 was sent to Edge Rd off of Old Hwy 90 to

relieve TF-10.

Upon arrival TF 10 stated that they were okay and did not need relief. TF-7 was reassigned to Old Hwy 90 along with TF-2 to patrol the area, to insure that the fire did not jump the road from were SCFS was conducting back burning operations (800+ acres). At 1310hrs TF-7 returned to staging. At 1315hrs TF-7 was assigned a call. TF-7 went en-route and cancelled. TF-7 remained in staging. At 1327hrs TF-7 was then assigned to Yawnoc Rd for a report of fire that had jumped the line and was threatening a structure and to respond lights and sirens. TF-7 was told to meet up with the Lieutenant at Station 43 to obtain more information. TF-7 met up with the representative from station 43 and then proceeded to Yawnoc Rd. At 1340hrs CCFR E-1 and E-9 staged at a house near a fork in the road while TF-7 B-2 found an access to the fire. TF-7 B-2 requested an engine be sent to their location and to take the left fork. E-1 assigned E-9 to that call while E-1 staged.  TF-7 CCFR E-9 and Williamsburg B-2 met with a representative form the South Carolina Forestry Commission and we walked the lines around the property said to be threatened.  All the fire was

contained in the previous burned parts with adequate fire breaks.  There were 2 smoldering areas near the fire breaks that we used the brush truck and Engine 9 to extinguish.  E-9 used 750 gallons of water and one 1 gallon bottle of “wet water”.  It was agreed that the area was secure and the Forestry Representative agreed and we cleared the scene and refilled the truck with water.

At 1442 hrs TF-7 cleared the call on Yawnoc and refilled E-9 with water at a hydrant on Yawnoc. TF-7 then proceeded to the gas station to top off with fuel and then reported back into staging at 1500hrs. Staging was moved from Hwy 22/90 to Colonial Mall. TF-7 was cleared to proceed to the Colonial Mall staging area at 1926 hrs.

April 25, 2009

At 0730hrs Capt. Feather reported into staging for E-1 and E-9. CCFR E-1 and E-9 were assigned to TF-5 along with HCFR B-2 and two personnel. At 0800 TF-5 was requested for a call and told to meet at the staging trailer. At 1206hrs, TF-5 (E-1 and E-9) stood by on Hwy 90 near the White Horse

subdivision while TF-5 B-2 checked out the burning stump at 3600 Hwy 90. At 1219hrs TF-5 was assigned to the Hillsboro and Hwy 90 area to check all side streets and to extinguish any hot spots and that there were two other TF in the area. At 1225hrs briefed by TF-5 team leader for E-1 to take Woodlawn off of Hwy 90 and E-9 to take Hillsboro off of Hwy 90. E-9 found the area was unremarkable with no signs of fire escaping the forestry lines or a 30-50 foot hill that surrounded the subdivision.  Engine 9 cleared the area and staged at the end of a road into another subdivision. E-1 proceeded down Woodlawn with nothing found. At 2122 Woodlawn, E-1 found multiple hot spots with several flare ups. E-1 relayed to TF-5 team leader and then investigated. Upon further investigation found the area directly behind this residence had no fire line in place. E-1 crews then began working the area with hand tools on the “D” side of the structure. Requested E-9 to the scene to work the “B” side of the structure. Engine 9 crew members used the booster line with “wet water” and forestry rakes to secure a line until Forestry arrived to plow a line.  Several trees had to be cut down due to their proximity to the fire line and their instability.  E-1 then deployed a booster line with
wet water in the tank. Crews encountered heavy wooded areas along with thick “duff” material. TF-5 crews worked to secure the area. Also Blackhawk helicopters with “bambi” buckets were performing air drops. TF-5 called in several drops to inaccessible areas to crews utilizing hand signals.  At 1651hrs CCFR E-1 and E-9 clear staging. Radio 918 turned into the EOC communications tent located in staging. At 2100hrs E-1 and E-9 back at CCFR Station 1. Both units topped off with fuel and cleaned. There were no injuries to report or any damage to the apparatus.

Alarm Number: 09-02231

Time Out: 4/23/2009 - 19:32:31

Time In: 4/25/2009 - 22:15:00

Responding Units: Engine 1 & Engine 9 (with 8 personnel)


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