Colleton County Fire-Rescue



After much legwork and negotiations with state and federal agencies the Volunteer Incentive Program has been reinstated. County Council authorized the reinstatement during the previous budget cycle to become effective on January 1, 2008. We began accruing the information then, but the actual approval wasn't final until the State and Federal Departments of Labor and the IRS gave the program their blessings. County Council approved the plan during their September 16th. meeting, however to meet additional State Requirements there are some additional forms that have to be signed by all participating volunteer personnel.
The Incentive Checks are at Headquarters along with the forms. It covers the period from January 1 to June 30. Personnel must sign the forms prior to receiving their Incentive Check. Once this final hurdle is complete, future checks will be mailed directly to Volunteer Firefighters on a quarterly basis, based on participation in department training and responses. Information will be gathered from the Training Rosters and Field Incident Reports, as was done in the past.
The main difference in the current program is all the funds are taxed for IRS purposes and there are deductions for any personnel currently enrolled in the State Retirement Program. This is not to be confused with the 1% Firefighters Fund Retirement. They are separate programs. An added benefit to the current program is that personnel will receive credit for each session of training for Formal Training Classes, such as Fire Academy courses or EMT classes. A separate blue training form will need to be completed by the volunteer firefighters for each training session and signed by the Instructor to verify attendance. The competed form will need to be faxed to Headquarters the same as the Station Training reports and Field Incident Reports.
Keep in mind that your individual participation in training and response to calls or public service functions is documented on one of these two forms. If you attend a training class, make sure you sign the blue training roster following the class. When you respond to a call or participate in a public service function, it is your responsibility to insure that your unit number is included on the report, even if you have to complete a separate report for your station. Each station should compete a Field Incident Report following any response to document their participation, actions and personnel responding even if only one person from their station responds. All reports are complied into a single report at Headquarters. The Data Entry personnel don't respond to the calls, so the only way they know who responds, is when it is entered on to a Training Roster or Field Incident Report.
Third quarter Incentive Checks will be issued in October.
If you have any questions, contact Melodie Harrison or Bridget Martinson at Headquarters 539-1960.