Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 3, 10, 15, 18 and 23 responded to a dwelling fire at 50 Mingo Lane near Stephens Crossroads Saturday morning 27-September at 0445. Engine 18 arrived and reported the single lane dirt road was not passable by fire apparatus. The two prior days of rain had turned the dirt road into a soupy mess. Engine 18 set up on Carter's Ford Road at the head of Mingo Lane. Firefighters pulled 600 feet of three inch hose by hand down the narrow road to reach the burning structure. The approximately 60 year old six room wood frame structure was already fully involved. Much of the structure was already destroyed when units arrived. Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control with a solid bore nozzle attached to the three inch line. A gated wye was later connected and two 1-3/4 handlines used to overhaul the building. A water shuttle was established for water supply. Engine 10 set up at the dry hydrant on Lowcountry Highway north of Bells Crossroads. Four 3000 gallon tankers shuttled water for the firefighting operation.
The home was completely destroyed by the fire. A vehicle parked next to the home received moderate fire damage to the front end. Three people were at home at the time of the fire. All three escaped the building.
The homeowner received minor burns to his hands after he attempted to extinguish the fire, however he denied medical treatment at the scene. The home was not equipped with smoke detectors.  The fire apparently started by one of the occupants smoking in bed.  Firefighters remained on the scene for over 3-1/2 hours. The family did not have any insurance. The Colleton United Way and American Red Cross are assisting the family.
Engine 18, Engine 10, Engine 15, Tanker 3, Tanker 15, Tanker 18, Tanker 23, Medic 18, Squad 23, Battalion 1 and Truck 12 responded. Engineer/Paramedic Joey Campbell served as Incident Commander.