Colleton County Fire-Rescue


15/February/2019 Structure Fire A Shift

Incident # 19-01031 A doublewide mobile home received heavy damage in a mid-afternoon fire Friday 15-February. At 12:19, 9-1-1 received reports of smoke and flames coming from the home located at 5426 Jefferies Hwy. Engine 19 arrived five minutes later to find heavy smoke conditions and flames coming from under the residence from all sides and heavy fire conditions on the back porch. Some passerbys hooked to a vehicle and drug it away from the burning house. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed four handlines to the building to knock down the flames. The fire spread under the entire structure and burned up into the walls, then into the attic space. Crews used chainsaws to remove some of the siding to reach the flames behind the walls and pulled the ceilings in several rooms to locate the hidden fires. The flames traveled through the duct work into several rooms and burned into the partition between the two halves of the doublewide mobile home. It took about 45 minutes to extinguish all of the fire, as firefighters had to cut holes into the floor and crawl under the home to reach the flames. Overhaul took about two hours. No one was injured during the incident. Two other vehicles parked near the residence received minor damage from radiant heat. Remarkably the interior of the structure survived a great deal of fire damage, but suffered smoke and water damage. Many personal items were saved. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The home was undergoing some construction work when the fire occurred. The Red Cross is assisting the family. 

Engine 5, Engine 17, Engine 19, Tender 1, Tender 19, Tender 26, Tender 27, Medic 19, Medic 26, Battalion 1, Car 104, Car 107, Car 112, Car 118 and Car 119 responded. Battalion Chief Scott Feather served as Incident Commander.