Colleton County Fire-Rescue


07/January/2019 – Bleeding Control Training Forest Hills Elem

Fire-Rescue personnel and School District Head Nurse Denya Dingle, RN conducted another Active Shooter and Bleeding Control Training Session for the teachers and staff at Forest Hills Elem School Monday 07-January. The training aims to educate the first people on the scene how to properly manage bleeding injuries and improve their skills during an active shooter incident. Fire-Rescue is working with the School District to train the teachers, bus drivers and staff. The remainder of the schools should be trained by the end of January. Bleeding Control Kits have been placed in the schools. The kits were purchased by the School District and Fire-Rescue through two separate grants. It is hoped that the training and kits will never be needed, but the two agencies are being proactive to improve safety at the facilities to better protect the County’s children and educational staff members.